Impact of COVID-19 in Stock Market

COVID-19 is an infectious disease caused by a unique virus called Corona Virus. This unanticipated disease has spread worldwide from the end of December 2019. Considering the contagiousness of this virus most areas of the globe went into a Lockdown. Every small and big business has been affected due to this virus. So let us discuss how it has impacted the Indian Stock market. PreCOVID-19 Indian Stock market Rally was limited to 8 to 10 Blue Chip Stocks like HDFC Bank, HDFC, TCS, Infosys, Hindustan Uniliver, Reliance, Kotak Bank and ICICI Bank. Because of these stocks in 2019 Sensex returned around 14%. In the start of 2020 in Mid January Nifty and Sensex were hitting their peaks at Nifty@12362 and Sensex@42217. Ever since the COVID-19 strike, fear came in the market and it sent the world to the crashing to the levels that were not witnessed since the Global Financial Crisis of 2008. Indian market lost 27% from the levels witnessed at the start of the year. The stock market reflected th…

Top 10 books to learn Technical Analysis

Technical Analysis is one of the most Important Terms used by Traders or Investors. Irrespective of the fact that you are an Intraday, Short Term, or Medium-term trader you can not deny the Importance of Technical Analysis to make the right entry or Exit in a  Trade. Technical Analysis is more of an art than a rigid science. 
In this article, we will know about the Top 10 Books for Technical Analysis as per our opinion. You must read these books to know the technical analysis in detail,
1. Technical Analysis of the Financial Markets: A Comprehensive Guide to Trading Methods and Applications (New York Institute of Finance)

It is a Comprehensive Guide To Trading Methods And Applications by John J. Murphy is a superb reference that attempts to show traders the complicated relationship between technical analysis and stock markets. The book also contains ultra-modern examples and quotations associated with the stock markets that further make it easier for the readers to grasp the concepts. Te…